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Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
an impact on everyone. >> she is a server in pentagon city. 70 or 80% of customers come from the pentagon. >> it is affecting every level it is scary. what am i going to do? >> that is a question a lot of people are asking. defense companies in this region at a deadly opposed sequestration. -- adamantly opposed to sequestration. >> we're monitoring all of the action and reaction on capitol hill to the news there will not be a vote tonight. coming up at 5:30, how going over the fiscal cliff focus that to -- affect small businesses. >> this is coming out of bristow. a police officer has been killed in a serious crash. we were over the accident that involved a police motorcycle. what is the latest? >> a horrible and tragic scene. a very busy area. right in front of the target store. a prince william county officer has lost his life in a line of duty. the 35-year-old motorcycle officer was responding to another crashed at about 2:00 when this incident occurred. the driver of the minivan turned left in front of officer yung. he was traveling southbound on his motorcycle. the two vehicles colli
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
degrees in the outlying areas and 40 degrees in the city. a lot of sunshine and a few fair weather clouds tomorrow. it all changes again in a heartbeat as a cold front approaches. we will see rain developing by late afternoon or evening on thursday, continuing thursday night. it could be heavy in a few spots. behind that, a strong cold front will make it windy and noticeably colder. 30-40 degrees tomorrow, a delightful day but rain will develop on thursday, when the encoder on friday. saturday and sunday are seasonably cold. right now, christmas day looks partly cloudy. check out the latest on the harriet -- there is a posting about snowflakes and how they are formed. >> how great would be tuesday, a lot want for christmas is a playoff spot? the redskins need help from three other teams. the giants would have to lose to the ravens chicago lose to arizona, and minnesota leave -- lose to houston. what a party it would be. postseason greetings from the locker room at fedex field. that is on the wish list this holiday season. even santa knows it has been a while. >> the players are
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm EST
beginning around 3:00 a.m.. it will slowly mix with the rain north, south, and east of the city. about an inch or so in the dc metro area, a little bit more in the blue area, the heavier amount in higher elevations further north and west. southern and eastern suburbs of virginia and maryland, probably a little snow at the beginning. a lot more on what to expect in a few minutes. >> highway kreuz gearing up for trouble and preparing for problems in light of the forecast. horace holmes is live with this angle of our storm watch. >> i know you heard it over and over again. bridges and overpasses like this one behind me freeze first. that is what the crews are focusing on right now. as the clouds darken this afternoon over the washington area, snow crews were out working. trucks sprayed de-icing chemicals on bridges and overpasses in anticipation of the colder weather and snow headed our way. >> it is been a while since we saw a big snowfall. right now forecasters are predictinn't predicting another snowmageddon. those of us who live here have learned to prepare for anything. >> get the sh
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
ago in these cities. pittsburgh 26 degrees colder. before degrees colder.e is we have a week warm front coming to town. clear skies it will be tonight. will be bright and sunny for the day tomorrow. it will be very nice. we are watching on our service .ap a little bit of a warm front e.ll come on the backsid that will happen on friday afternoon. over the weekend, we will see chance increase. that'll be later in in the sunday and monday timeframe. .emperatures will drop light winds. or tomorrow, much cooler. 43-47. two days we were in 70's. we will call for that very onght chance of showers with a week wave of a cold front. then we will be at 60 degrees saturday. upper-50's on sunday. into the 60's on monday. we will be close to average on tuesday and wednesday. no snow flakes. >> look at that saturday. fantastic. coming up on abc prime time, a brand-new "nashville." raynea needs to deal with the voters of her husband. it does not tell the real story. i have this under control. you do not have this under control. our children have to deal with this. is alleged pictures of their , c
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
for northeast of the city, that has been hanging tough all day -- we have fog. we have a flood advisory until tomorrow morning. if things -- fog advisory until tomorrow morning. if things do not change, i would not be a bit surprised to see this advisory expanded to the west and south. you do not get much lower than 0.0 visibility. that is the average in aberdeen. 4 miles -- right now down the river here at reagan national airport. we are kind of stock. not much motion in the atmosphere. stopped in this very damp, dense air. temperatures will fall a little bit overnight. 35 in burlington, vt.. you get out to the midwest and lakes, it gets colder. if you give far enough out west, it's really really cold. there is plenty of cold air. there is something like 56 below zero in for you kind, alaska's. the cold air is locked up. the cold air is going to change the jet stream. in the meantime, this is the futurecast. i think we are going to clear up breezy and mild. and the next cold front on the way later thursday and friday. areas of fog tonight. areas of fog in the morning. then at the front it go
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
, you can major traffic delays in and out of the city. >> a downside. other news for you, today was a for gay couples in maryland. marriagefile for a in january getn married. brad bell has one couple's road chapel. the governor signed a that made it okay to start issuing these, marriage licenses. out, very few people took advantage. dozen couples statewide. right, we met one of them. she says she and her partner t wait another day. >> extremely excited and been 29l because it has years. not have to wait too long today. she and heron, partner, who did not want to be on tv, or the second couple to apply for a license in montgomery county. is notgeorge's county licenses just yet. she said she did not expect a rush. >> we knew that d.c. has had it quite a while. new license is different. it references party won an two. t take effect until january 1. it is still a contentious issue. a trolley operator has announced his wedding service "we are a his words notstian service and we are support to the o theage broke well gay marriage." right to stands up for his religious beliefs. >> they
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6